Sysco Productions

Last Updated Monday 30 March 2020.

Following the dramatic changes with the coronavirus situation over these past few weeks, the team at Sysco are now working remotely in line with the latest Government advice and recommendations. 

Our offices are closed, however we have invested a great deal of time and effort into getting provisions in place to instil continuity across the business during these difficult times. All communication channels remain open as normal, and all calls are being diverted to the relevant staff mobiles to ensure that any queries can still be answered. 

We are also working hard towards supporting all of our clients, partners and suppliers in any way that we can. Although we are no longer visiting client sites, we have been in regular contact with relevant teams and businesses to gain a better understanding of their current status, and review how we can continue working collaboratively using various online conferences tools and resources.

We have outlined a summary of our present status and contingencies, and will endeavour to keep this updated as the situation changes and the need arises.

To mitigate risk we have put in place the following measures:

Remote working - All essential equipment, software platforms and server access has been made available to staff to enable our team to work effectively from home.

Telecoms - All landlines have been diverted to key personnel mobile telephones.

Conferences - All meetings wherever practicable will be conducted using web conferencing software. If Sysco Productions are to host the meeting we will be using our Google Hangouts Platform.

Travel - All business travel has been cancelled until further notice and we have advised our team to remain at home.

We will continue to review the status of our projects on a weekly basis to ensure that we are doing all that we can under the circumstances to drive forward the progress of works over the coming weeks and months. 

Programme of works - changes to the project programme will continue to be advised and the relevant teams will be notified of any impacting issues. 

Product Substitution - if a specified product becomes unavailable due to supply chain restrictions we will advise our client and agree an appropriate action plan to minimise impact or delays. 

Staff / contractors - we have a wide pool of resources available and will try to manage any sickness appropriately to minimise impact or delays.


There has been a noticeable impact to the global supply chain, however we have been keeping in regular contact with our suppliers to identify any risks that could impact our ability to support our customers.

As and when the situation changes, we will inform the relevant parties of the measures that need to be taken.


We want to ensure that we are doing as much as we possibly can, to support museum & heritage sites during this challenging and constantly changing time. We are doing as much as we can to assist our clients, whilst taking the necessary precautions and preventive measures.

As many museums and visitor attractions have temporarily closed to restrict visitor access and lessen the potential spread of COVID-19, our clients have begun to see this as an opportune time to take stock and review their current interactive exhibition spaces.

A high proportion of the sites that we service, have to limit maintenance works to out of hours in order to ensure there is little to no disruption for the visiting general public. During this time of temporary closure we have begun to support our clients with integral technical support and are available to assist in the following areas once the current conditions are relaxed:

Interactive Virtual Tours
With many visitors being affected by instances of isolation and social distancing, our 3D scanning and reality capture technology can offer the perfect platform to keep your visitor experiences and collection alive and accessible. Using bespoke, high definition and visually stunning 3-dimensional models, key exhibits can be brought to life and animated with annotation, images and videos. These interactive models can be embedded within websites or shared as weblinks within your regular marketing email communications. Many of our existing clients will already have 3D scans of their space that can be made available on request for a small fee.
Click here to see an example of London Transport Museum's 3D reality capture scan.

Maintenance / Preemptive Works
Regular preemptive maintenance is critical to the long-term reliability of any AV installation and so during this time of temporary closure we have already begun to assist our clients with essential technical and maintenance services. If left unattended, systems are at risk of faults and potential downtime which can lead to increased costs and business disruption.

Our Service team is on hand to ensure your system is inspected, tested, cleaned and maintained with the manufacturer’s recommendations in addition to any calibration and optimisation required as a result. Following the visit, a report will be prepared documenting the works undertaken and any recommendation for additional works. Early prevention is a much more cost effective way to ensure your systems are consistently operational, reliable and performing to the expected standards that will guarantee visitor satisfaction.

Upgrade Service
Over an extended period of time, audiovisual technology can start displaying faults and experiencing failures as products begin to reach the end of their lifespan. There are a number of different ways in which symptoms can present themselves, and if left unresolved, issues can continue to impact the audiovisual installation and resulting visitor experience.

As part of our upgrade service, an extensive site survey is collated to identify any areas of concern, along with a proposal for potential solutions that are more advanced, up-to-date and reliable. We endeavour to provide the best possible advice and highest level of support for your visitor experience. This opportunity can offer huge benefits as technology constantly evolves in capability and performance, therefore more advanced and reliable solutions can be integrated without impacting the narrative intent of your space.

Further Guidance 
As many of the audiovisual elements within museum and visitor experiences are interactive, we would like to offer some further guidance in advance of you re-opening your site the visiting public.  

We recommend the following precautionary actions are taken as part of your technology cleaning strategy:

> Use a anti-viral & anti-bacterial spray cleaner
> The cleaner must be sprayed onto the cloth and NOT onto the equipment itself
> The cloth should be lint-free to avoid scratching the glass of screens.
> Use one cloth to apply the cleaner and a dry cloth to clean off the residue
> Cleaning can take place while the equipment is powered on